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  • Infrastructure of SamoaDatum24.06.2023 14:10
    Thema von DonaldWalker im Forum Privat Verkauf börse

    In Samoa, 100% of the population has access to electricity. Samoa has 4 airports nationwide. There are 18,013 internet hosts in Samoa. The number of road motor vehicles per 1000 inhabitants in Samoa is 2.

    Road network
    The total road length in Samoa is 2,337 km (1,452 miles). Out of them 0 km (0 miles) of roads are classified as motorways, freeways, or autobahns.

    Gas price
    On average, you would pay 1.34 USD for one liter of gasoline in Samoa. One liter of diesel would cost 1.06 USD.

  • Company formation in GermanyDatum11.04.2023 12:16
    Thema von DonaldWalker im Forum Privat Verkauf börse

    Germany has a corporate tax rate of 30%. Companies that operate under VAT have to pay tax on purchases at 19%. Certain services, like those related to some foodstuffs, water supplies, medical equipment for disabled persons, some domestic passenger transport, intra-community and international passenger transport for certain road, rail and inland waterway transportation, and others, benefit from a 7% VAT rate.

  • Economy of FinlandDatum23.01.2023 15:51
    Thema von DonaldWalker im Forum Privat Verkauf börse

    Finland is considered a developed nation. A nation's stage of development is determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to, economic prosperity, life expectancy, income equality and quality of life. As a developed nation, Finland is able to provide its citizens with social services such as public education, health care and law enforcement. Citizens of developed countries enjoy a high standard of living and longer life expectancies than citizens of developing countries. Each year Finland exports about US$75.7 billion and imports about US$70.67 billion. 8.5% of the country's population is unemployed. The total number of unemployed in Finland is 471,114. In Finland, 5.5% of the population lives below the poverty line. The percentage of citizens living below the poverty line in Finland is low, indicating a stable economy. Investors should consider Finland as a safe place for investment and other financial ventures. Government spending on education is 5.9% of GDP. The country's Gini index is 26.8. Finland experiences a high level of equality. The income differences between citizens are only slightly significant. Finland has a Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.879. Finland has a very high HDI value. This suggests that almost all citizens are able to live a desirable life because of social and economic support; Citizens with a low standard of living receive help and support and have the opportunity to rise in society. The Global Peace Index (GPI) for Finland is 1.277. Due to the strong presence of the law enforcement authorities and the high level of social responsibility, Finland is very safe in international comparison. The Index of Strength of Legal Rights for Finland is 7. Overall it is considered to be fairly adequate – bankruptcy and collateral laws can at least adequately protect the rights of borrowers and lenders; Credit reports are usually sufficient and generally available.

    The currency of Finland is Euro. There are several plural forms of the name "euro". These are euros, euros. The symbol used for this currency is €, abbreviated to EUR. The euro is divided into cents; 1 euro is 100.

    Credit rating
    The credit depth index for Finland is 6, which means that the information is mostly sufficient and fairly detailed; Accessibility is not a problem. According to the rating agency S&P, Finland has a credit rating of AA+ and the prospects for this rating are negative. According to the rating agency Fitch, Finland has a credit rating of AAA and the prospects for this rating are stable. According to the rating agency Moody's, Finland has a credit rating of Aaa and the prospects for this rating are stable.

    Central bank
    In Finland, the institution that manages the state's currency, money supply and interest rates is called the Bank of Finland. Locally, the Finnish central bank is called Suomen Pankki. The average interest rate on deposits offered by local banks in Finland is 1.07%.

    National debt
    Finland has a public debt equal to 18.1% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) as estimated in 2012.

    Tax information
    Corporate tax in Finland is 20%. Personal income tax ranges from 6.5% to 30% depending on your specific situation and income level. VAT in Finland is 24%.

  • Company formation in AustraliaDatum07.12.2022 15:20
    Thema von DonaldWalker im Forum Allgemeine technische...

    Australia has a corporate tax rate of 30%. Companies that operate under Goods and Services Tax have to pay tax on purchases at 10%.

  • Shelf company in PhilippinesDatum15.10.2022 18:38
    Thema von DonaldWalker im Forum Allgemeine technische...

    Buy, register or acquire a new or finished company with the help of Confidus Solutions. We provide full business and legal support when starting a new business or purchasing a finished business. Our areas of expertise include commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, contract law, tort law, intellectual property law, tax law, accounting and other business-related services. For more than 10 years, Confidus Solutions has brought together business and legal experts dealing with acquisitions and company registration in more than 150 countries.

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